Babymoons are becoming more and more popular. This could be your last all adult, luxury trip or quiet getaway for a few months (or years) so why not make it memorable? This time is meant to get away together and enjoy the moments you have alone awaiting the day your family welcomes a new life. You can share your intimate hopes and dreams for your child. 

But did you know there are two types of babymoons? 

Pre-Baby: Typically taken after 18 weeks and up to 6 months, depending on your doctor's recommendation. We tailor this trip based on your needs/wants and ensure your comfort throughout the journey.

Post-Baby: These trips are taken by couples who have the time to get away after baby has arrived. it is a time to bond as a new family. These trips do not have to be expensive or long. As long as you are all comfortable and have all the essentials. We can help you with that list. We've been there, done that! 

Treat yourselves and let us plan your babymoon today.